YFX Protocol
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Revenue Models

Primary Model:
  • Yield farming: In this revenue model, YFX implements the underlying treasury to provide liquidity to a portfolio of DeFi protocols. Yield farming is expected to net a 2.0–2.5% monthly return on the underlying Treasury value—a source of consistent revenue for the protocol.
  • Bribes: The second revenue model uses a proportion of the income as bribes to incentivize the development of Solidly forks. This will result in increased trading activity and volume, ultimately benefiting YFX. The protocol will offer market-leading annual percentage rates (APRs) for liquidity providers on a token whose underlying value increases over time. This is a strong incentive for users to provide liquidity to the platform, leading to increased usage and revenue.
Alternative Model:
  • Growth Equity: The final revenue model is growth opportunities investments in the crypto space. YFX traders will identify promising investment opportunities and pitch the community to decide whether or not to invest. If the community votes yes, the protocol will invest and earn a return on the investment—an additional source of revenue.