YFX Protocol
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Flywheel Effect

Through hedging between quantitative and qualitative trading strategies, we are expecting a 2.0–2.5% MoM return on the underlying Treasury value, with a conservative APR estimate of 40% APR.

The crypto market is plagued by a lack of capital for key projects. Historically, UniV2 project incentives have been pennies on the dollar. Zyberswap earns only 50k in fees and 10k in protocol revenue, despite giving out over $400k worth of incentives. Although the Solidly model has improved this situation by increasing earning incentives to 20 and 70 cents on the dollar, there is still room for improvement.

YFX Protocol Main product:

YFX's first products are single-stake vaults of $YFX token that streamline part of the protocol's revenue to stakers.