YFX Protocol
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$YFX Tokenomics

Token Distribution
The total market cap will be equal to the dollar amount sold during the presale. If 1,000,000$ is raised in total, the total supply of YFX will be 1,000,000 and will only deflate onwards.
The presale will have three phases: private sale, GMD launchpad sale, and public sale. The private presale will determine the total hard cap of the presales. After the private sale, those who own staked GMD will be able to participate, to be able to buy before the public sale.
  • The private sale will have 1 000 000 hard cap @ $1/YFX (750,000).
  • If less than 500,000$ is sold in the private sale, the hard cap will be 1,000,000$ for all sales combined.
  • If between 500,000$ and 1,000,000$ are sold, the hard hard cap is 1,500,000$ for all sales combined.
  • If the hard cap is reached, then the total hard cap will be 2,000,000$.